Britannia School of English

Terms & Conditions

Registration & Fees

 All payments must be made in GB Pounds(£).
A registration fee of £20 is payable for enrolment on all courses, unless otherwise stated. Registration fee is not refundable.
We need to receive the course and registration fees in full before we can enrol a student and issue any documents.
The tuition fee does not cover the examination registration fees or the cost of books and other material the students might require during their course of study. Fees are not transferable to other students.

Student visitors

 £30 visa documentation fee will apply to student visitor applications in addition to the standard £20 registration fee.
If the course is discontinued or postponed by the school, students enrolled on the course will be given an option to change to a different course or a full refund will be given before the planned start of the course or, if the course has started, for the remaining period paid for in advance but not studied.
If your visa application is refused, the notification of refusal must be submitted within 14 days from the issue date, in order for the refund to be processed. All fees received, less £100 will be refunded. Any third party costs such as exam fees, accommodation booking fees and courier fees are not refundable. If your visa application is refused and you appeal against the UKVI decision, the school can put on hold the enrolment until the final decision on the immigration status has been reached.
Refunds will be made by cheque or a bank transfer and in no circumstances in cash and only to the person who has paid the course fees.
Please allow 6 weeks for all refunds.
If you cancel your course more than 2 weeks before the course start date we will refund 80% of the course fee.
If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the course start date, no refunds will be made.
No refunds will be made in the following cases:
There will be no refunds for missed classes, and if the student arrives after the course start date.
No refund will apply if the school suspended the student from the course due to non-attendance or poor-attendance.
No refund will apply for the course which has already finished.
You must inform us before you enrol if you have been refused a visa in the past. If, in the opinion of the British Embassy, a student is not bona fide or genuine, no fees will be refunded.
If your visa is refused because you used fraudulent documents to support your visa, no refund will be made.


 There will be no reduction in fees if the course includes a public holiday. When Monday is a bank holiday, courses start on Tuesday.
Check on what days the school will be closed here.
The school will be closed for 3 weeks during Christmas. You will not be charged for these weeks if your course includes this period.


 Attendance is compulsory for all students. We expect 100% attendance for all classes.
Students need to try to make all appointments for the outside the class hours. When the student foresees the absence he/she needs to inform the school via email or by telephoning the school. If student’s attendance falls below 80%, we will warn them about their poor attendance. If attendance does not improve, we may cancel the course without any refund.  If you do not attend class without informing the school for a period of two weeks or more, all fees will be forfeit and your place at school will be withdrawn. If you are in the UK on a Student Visa, we will inform the Home Office of nonattendance.


Examples of unacceptable behaviour which can lead to suspension:
Being abusive and disrespectful towards teachers and other students.
Causing disturbance and nuisance.
Causing damage to the school property.
Consuming drugs or alcohol on school premises.
Failing to observe health and safety rules and fire precautions.


By signing our application form you are entering into contract with Britannia School of English and agreeing with our terms and conditions.
While we take all reasonable care to ensure the information contained in our brochures and website is accurate, we reserve the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any information without giving a notice.
Places on courses are subject to availability and the admission can be refused on school’s discretion.
We reserve the right to change course fees, the timetables, teachers, classrooms and may combine classes without further notice.
We reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student without refund of fees in the event of serious misconduct, unacceptable behaviour, disrespect or bullying toward our staff or other students.
We reserve the right to use any photographs of students taken during the classes or outside activities for advertising and promotional purposes and the copyright of these photographs should belong to Britannia School of English.
The school is not responsible for safekeeping of any delivery of post, faxes, etc. sent to a student at the school address.
Classes cannot be changed mid-week. All class changes will start from Monday. Please note that you can only change class if there is a space in the class into which you wish to transfer.


 We will charge a non-refundable fee of £35 for arranging and booking accommodation for you. Accommodation fees must be paid in full before your arrival.
Accommodation will be confirmed only when we receive a full payment.
The school reserves the right to change the type of accommodation if we cannot provide what the student/agent requested when the payment is received. International students will only have accommodation details and confirmation of the address when they get their visas and after sending a copy of it to The school reserves the right to change or ask the student to pay any difference if the original accommodation request is not available.

Cancellation policy for accommodation
Please note that we will only refund accommodation fees if your visa is refused and if you have given us two weeks’ notice. (4 weeks for residences). There will be no refund if less than two weeks’ notice is given. (4 weeks for residencies). Accommodation fees will be refunded in full if a notice of more than two weeks is given. (4 weeks for residences).
Students willing to leave their accommodation earlier will need to give a minimum notice of two weeks.
There will be no refunds in cases of no-shows on stays for two weeks or less.

Airport transfer

 Airport transfer fees are non-refundable. A waiting time of 1 hour is included in the transfer price. If you do not contact the driver within 1 hour of the flight’s arrival time, the driver will leave the airport and any request for further transfer will be charged at full rate.
Waiting time starts from the scheduled time of arrival.
If the flight arrives early, the waiting time will start from the actual flight arrival time.